Simple Steps to Giving a Pleasurable Foot Job

See, you don’t have to be weirded out because your partner confessed to a foot fetish. Rather, your focus should be on learning how to give your partner a pleasurable foot job. Foot fetish is presently one of the common fetishes these days. The reason why it is so common is that the part of the brain that is concerned with the feet and the genitals are very close.

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Footjobs is not exclusive to people who have foot fetishes, people without it can also enjoy a footjob. As you read through this write-up, you are going to learn a lot of interesting things about footjobs.

This article is going to arm you with everything you need to give your partner a satisfying foot job every time.

Preparation for a footjob

Before you dive right into it, there are a handful of things you first have to take care of.


Trim your toenails to reduce the risk of them accidentally scratching or cutting into the soft skin of the genitals (Testicles or penis)

Cleaning your feet

Make sure your feet are clean and free of strong odors. Give your feet a good scrub before giving your partner a footjob. You can go the extra mile, by filing your feet to make them soft and smooth. You can do this manually at home by soaking your feet for a while and file them. Or better still, you can get a pedicure. Don’t forget to apply a nice lotion that smells good when you are done.

Yes, you can carry out the preparations stated above on your own or you can choose to make it part of foreplay. This means that your partner will scrub, dry and apply lotion on your feet, which can be intimate and relaxing. This may lead to femdom and foot worship. If you are into the idea of incorporation preparation as foreplay, then you should consider painting your nails. Paying very close attention to your feet is going to go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

Nail polish

It is best you use a nail polish that is opaque and dries very quickly. Be careful not to get nail polish over your feet or ruin your manicure.

Once you are 100% sure your feet are clean, then you can move to the next step- foot foreplay.

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Foot foreplay

This step is pretty easy and straightforward. You can start slow by using your feet to slowly massage the body of your partner. You can do this while in bed with your partner, but you can spice things up by taking a dominant role. You can do this by, sitting on a chair while your man lies down. After giving your partner a footjob for a while, it will becomes easier for both of you to find a position you are comfortable with. After rubbing your feet over your partner’s body for a while, then you should try putting your some of your toes into your partner’s mouth so that he can lick and suck on them.

Then slowly move your feet down to the partner’s genitals (crotch). Start rubbing his inner thighs before moving to your feet towards his testicles. Slowly start to massage his balls with your feet. Your goal should be to use your toes to tickle his genitals.

You can increase stimulation by using a little massage oil. This will make your feet glide along your partner’s skin gracefully. If you don’t have massage oil, then you can use coconut oil or olive oil as an alternative.

After giving your partner a pleasurable foot foreplay for a couple of minutes, then you should move on the real deal-giving your partner a good footjob.

Giving a good footjob

Yes, you can choose to use any part of your foot to give your partner a footjob. But most people find it easier to use their sole. So, unless your partner says otherwise, use your sole to give him a footjob.

Start by using your feet to stimulate your partner’s penis. Next, use your sole to rub his penis against his stomach while he is sitting, standing or lying. Gently rub your feet along the side of his dick. See, don’t limit yourself to a few moves, be innovative and figure out some effective ways to stimulate your man.

One easy way you can do this is by using your toes to clip your man’s penis or putting his penis between them. After doing this for a while, move on the real deal-making your man cum.

You can do this by using both of your feet to masturbate his dick, just like you are giving him a hand job. You don’t have to be worried if his penis is going to slip out of your grip. It is likely going to happen especially if you are new to it. Your goal should be to masturbate your man’s penis till he cums.

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As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to stick to a few moves or a particular technique. Try to make things interesting. Below are some ways you can do this.

Talk dirty while giving him a footjob

Increase sexual tension by adding some light bondage.

foot sex

You focus should not be exclusive to your partner's penis. You can message other parts of his body with your feet. You can even penetrate him anally if he wants you to.

Footjob for women

The best way to stimulate a woman who loves a footjob is by using your foot to rub her vulva and clitoris. For intense stimulation, grind your feet into her clitoris.

Inserting your toes into your partner’s Virginia isn’t really as easy as it sounds. But with regular practice, you will get the hang of it.

Using shoes

You can wear a shoe while given you man a footjob. But don’t use your gym shoes or a shoe you use frequently to do this. The reason why you shouldn’t use dirty shoes is that they may be loaded with germs and bacteria. So, before using any shoe, make sure it is clean.

Final note

You likely now know how to give your partner a pleasurable footjob. But if you are new to it or you haven’t done it before, it is important that you learn as much as you can about it before giving it a try.

See, you don’t have to rush into it. Take it one step at a time. Don’t forget to experiment with your partner to find the position and techniques that will stimulate him the most.