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Fetlife Review

Consider Fetlife.com as a social media platform like Facebook, only for persons who are into BDSM and Fetlife lifestyles. Fetlife.com welcomes all persons with secret Fetlifees to be members. On the site, they will be embraced and have the perfect environment to explore and indulge their kinks and Fetlifees. The site is free to join which make it a preference for many. Whether you are looking for couples, singles or small groups, the site will not disappoint. On the downside, however, Fetlife.com has been the recipient of scammers and a number of fake users in the past, a fact that has caused major ripples and hardships for the site.

Sign Up

Fetlife.com membership is only open to persons aged 18 and above. The process is fast and easy. Fetlife.com requires that you fill out a form. And though it is long, it has been crafted to be straight forward asking for basic information like who you are, your location and what you are in search of. As you sign in, be prepared with your email address and a password that will protect your profile page. Like with many sign ups today, the last step in the Fetlife.com sign up process is a captcha code to determine if you are human. You will also need to solve a simple math equation to gain access to the site for the first time.


Fetlife.com has lots of features that have been designed to meet your expectations and needs. Regardless of your kinks, you are bound to find the site interesting. Here are some of the features that will improve your experience on the site.

  • As a member of the site you can share your personal information with persons you are interested in and also give them a sneak peek into your life
  • You can create or join a group or a community with persons you share interests and kinks with. This makes communication much easier and targeted.
  • As a Fetlife.com member, you have the liberty of looking up events hosted by Fetlife.com or any of its partners. Many parties go down in various cities. Most of these parties are erotic and you most certainly would love to be part of them. Being a member on the site helps you to keep tabs on these events.
  • A blog is available on which one can share BDSM experiences with people who will not judge but rather be intrigued and motivated, if not challenged.
  • A stuff you love section where you can stash away all your favorite videos and pictures and view them as often as you would love to.


Generally, Fetlife.com is a free site. Upon signing up, you will not be expected to make any payments to take advantage of any of its features. The color scheme is dark with white writings which is perfect for the community it appeals to.

Search Capabilities

The site features an advanced search feature that makes it possible to sift through the thousands of profiles and focus on those that share in your interests. The search can be performed by location as well as by Fetlife.


The site has lots of groups that cater to different Fetlifees. The great thing is that there is no limit to the number of groups you can join, participate in discussions and make new friends. You can message any person you feel a connection to or feel intrigues you.


For a free site, Fetlife.com really tries to secure your profile and personal information. They work hard to ensure you remain anonymous and enjoy the experience with no inhibitions.

Editor's Verdict:

If you are looking for a social media platform that will cater to your Fetlife needs and desires, then Fetlife.com is the site for you. However, it is worth noting that due to its lack of a professional team, the site has too many fake profiles. If you take your BDSM dating too seriously, you might want to consider other sites.

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